ICONIC RF are committed to delivering GaN and GaAs MMIC products with the highest levels of performance and innovation. We are a fabless design house with state of the art characterisation, modelling and custom design capabilities with supply chain partners for volume production. Our highly experienced team has been developing innovative RF MMICs and module solutions in the industry for more than 20 years.




Managing Director

Andrew has over 25 years experience of working in the RF industry in design and managing a highly skilled RF team. 
After completing his PhD, Andrew worked for HP-EEsof in California, before returning to lecture at Queens University Belfast. From there Andrew co-founded Merlin Microwave a university spin out company, which was subsequently aquired by Celeritek where Andrew became engineering manager of Celeritek UK, transitioning the team through acquisitions by Mimix and merger with Macom. Co-founding the ICONIC RF team in 2018



Senior Design Engineer

Jonathan has over 25 years experience within RF design. After completing his PhD in model extraction of pHEMTS using waveform measurements, Jonathan helped found Merlin Microwave, providing RF modelling and design services. He successfully transitioned into Celeritek and Mimix responsible for the design of numerous packaged MMICs and modules for point to point radio and satellite comms. Jonathan continued to develop these products after merger with Macom and was subsequently focusing on higher efficiency Macom GaN designs. Co-founding ICONIC RF in 2018.



Senior Design Engineer

Lyndon has over 20 years RF design experience. Lyndon joined Celeritek in 2000 and subsequently Mimix, leading the design of high linearity HBT MMICs and modules for cellular and satellite phone applications, completing his PhD in 2002. After the merger with Macom, Lyndon completed numerous designs from small cell products to Ka-band MMICs. Subsequently he led a team developing high power discrete transistors using Macom GaN including technology assessment, die design in both plastic and ceramic packages. Co-founding ICONIC RF in 2018.



Senior Design Engineer

Andrew has over 18 years experience in RF design, after joining Celeritek, Andrew was responsible for development of cellular PA modules and established a scalable PDK for Celeritek pHEMT process, which he then used to design a variety of self biased driver amplifiers and LNA's. At Mimix he continued to design linear pHEMT and HFET PA's and upconverters for point to point radio and linear gain blocks and LNA's for Mimix standard portfolio. At Macom he has designed GaN MMICs and lead a team developing a GaN/GaAs Doherty MCM for MIMO. Co-founding ICONIC RF in 2018.



Senior Design Engineer

David has over 18 years RF design experience. After completing his PhD on RF waveform measurement with active load-pull, David joined Filtronic Compound Semiconductor working on GaAs switches, X-band PA's and broadband MMICs. In 2006 He joined Mimix working on highly linear RF modules for high speed datalinks for marine satellite systems. After merging with Macom, he designed broadband high efficiency X-band PA's utilising waveform engineering and led the development activity on Front End Switch Modules. Co-founding ICONIC RF in 2018.



Senior Prototyping Engineer

Sean has over 25 years RF industry experience. Working for Nortel Networks as senior technician and progressing to product engineer. He joined Celeritek in 2001 working in RF assembly and test, completing his part-time MSc in 2002. Through his time at Celeritek and Mimix, Sean quickly identified the need for successful transition to production, establishing auto-bonding capabilities within Mimix and implementing ISO9001 procedures. Sean continued to develop his skills after the merger with Macom and is now proficient in all stages of RF assembly. Co-founding ICONIC RF in 2018.

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